Next Workout (9/16/14): Perring


The Perring workout begins as follows:  Runners line up together at the main start/finish line (at the SE corner of the track) and choose lanes that roughly correspond to their speed.  Aspens (the faster runners) will be in the higher lanes, Birches in the middle, and Cedars on the inside (Please, no “bunching” to the inside lanes — those who can run a mile under 6 minutes need to be in lanes 8, 9, 10 — those who run 6 – 7 minutes should be in lanes 5, 6, 7 — and the Cedars should be in lanes 2, 3, 4).  When the whistle sounds, runners set out in their lanes at something like their 5k race pace.  At the end of four minutes, another whistle sounds and the runners stop and stay where they are (or remember / mark the spot and walk around some).  After a two-minute rest period, another whistle will sound and runners will proceed in THE OPPOSITE direction for another four minutes at (hopefully) the same pace.  This SHOULD bring all of the runners back to the start/finish line at approximately the same time.  In between each set, runners get a three-minute rest.  The workout consists of three sets (six intervals total — fewer for Cedars?).  If you would like to know what distance you covered, you can use the following online calculator (you have to keep count of the laps you complete): (SECTION B)

If anyone would like to volunteer to be the time-keeper / whistle-blower (for credit!) please let me know.

Distance:  Distance in miles = 24 minutes / Pace (in minutes-per-mile)

(for example, a 6 minute-per-mile Pace would produce a total distance of 4 miles)

Rest:  Two minutes in the middle of each set, three minutes between sets

History:  This workout was run on the following dates –

9/27/05, 10/03/06, 3/27/07, 7/31/07, 9/25/07, 3/11/08, 7/01/08, 3/31/09, 6/30/09, 9/15/09, 3/16/10, 7/06/10, 9/14/10, 3/15/11, 7/5/11, 9/13/11, 3/13/12, 7/3/12, 9/11/12, 7/2/13, 9/10/13, 6/24/14, 9/16/14

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HVR Launches 2014 Fundraising Drive

Once each year, HVR calls upon its members and supporters to participate in a voluntary fundraising drive.   The club charges nothing for membership, and instead relies upon these contributions to sustain its operations.

Please see the following letter from Board Member Mike Fanning for all the details:

Vigilante Fundraiser Letter – 2014

Donors contributing at the $30 (or greater) level will receive a commemorative Vigilante stainless steel water bottle, while those contributing at the $50 (or greater) level will receive one of each color.  But supplies are limited!  50 of each color only!



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Vig Scrimmage XIII: Ambers vs. Stout-Neithers

Thanks to all participants and volunteers who turned out for VS XIII (and special thanks to Amy Omang for the photography!)

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Pyramid completed despite the wind!


Nice work on the track yesterday everybody. See you next week at Centennial Park.

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Yesterday’s workout


Nice centipedes yesterday Vigilante Runners. We are off to a good start.

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Speaking of Running Presentation – Tomorrow at Staggering Ox

This Thursday at 6:00pm at the Staggering Ox, as part of Helena Vigilante Runners Speaking of Running Series, Dr. Jeffery Roush, ND, will speak on a regenerative treatment called prolotherapy/prolozone and, in particular, knee issues. Dr. Roush will discuss knee anatomy and mechanics and common injuries.  Dr. Roush will explain prolotherapy and report on successes many patients have enjoyed.

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Welcome new board members!

On March 3rd, HVR was delighted to welcome two new members to the board:  Rebecca Shaw and Jesse Zentz.  Rebecca had the following to say, “After serving on the board at the Lewis and Clark Humane Society for 5 years, I am ready to try a different endeavor.  The Helena running community is so GREAT!!  I love what we do both on the track, road and trails and also out in the community.”
Jesse is well known not only for his scorching fast times, but for his skills as a sports reporter and his role as a key organizer of the Governor’s Cup event.  HVR is fortunate to have two such  energetic and talented individuals helping to guide the organization.
The board also wishes to extend a hearty “thank you” to Chris Colberg, who is departing the board after several years of service as both a member and officer.  His financial skills (and general enthusiasm!) will be missed, but the Treasurer position will be in good hands as it passes to Ann Seifert.  Ann has considerable bookkeeping experience, both with Crossroads Fitness and Team Great Divide, and has been a dedicated board member since the organization’s beginning.

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Vigilantes heat up the track at MSU Open Meet

On January 17, at the MSU Open Indoor Meet in Bozeman, several Helena masters competed admirably in the 1 mile race against collegiate runners.  They used the race as a tune-up for the 10th annual Montana Men’s Masters Mile to be held on February 14.  Completing the race were:

Jesse Zentz — 4:32 (3rd place in his heat)

Bryan Johnson — 4:52 (another solid performance, as he prepares to duplicate his podium finish from last year’s MMMM)

Aubrey Curtis — 4:52 (first ever indoor track race)

Kyle Strode — 4:58 (sub-5:00 at 50 years of age)

Great job gentlemen!  And thank you to John Smith for the great photography!

Track-Bozeman-Carroll 422

Jesse Zentz on the heals of Helena’s Baird Linke (Carroll) and Butte native Josh Panasuk (MSUB)

Track-Bozeman-Carroll 451

Kyle Strode

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