Tuesday-at-Noon Schedule

Welcome to the 21st season of Tuesday-at-Noon!
Intervals begin at 12:15 sharp, so runners should be warmed up by that time.
Note: the following schedule is subject to change – check back frequently!




03/19/2024 Centennial Long Intervals YMCA Parking Lot
03/26/2024 Perring Vigilante Stadium
04/02/2024 Spring Meadow “Miles” SML State Park
04/09/2024 Centipede Echelon Vigilante Stadium
04/16/2024 Division Hills S. Rodney & Clancy
04/23/2024 Track Pyramid Vigilante Stadium
04/30/2024 Fish Hook 880s Granite Ave. & Stuart St.
05/07/2024 Tour de Track (10 x 400m) Vigilante Stadium
05/14/2024 Saints 880s Rails-to-Trails at N. Benton
05/21/2024 300 Relay (reverse) Vigilante Stadium
05/28/2024 Baarson Hills Baarson & Diehl
06/04/2024 Gov’s Cup Taper Vigilante Stadium
06/11/2024 LeGrande “Miles” Silverette & LeGrande
06/18/2024 Mystery Fartlek (reverse) Vigilante Stadium
06/25/2024 Fiske Field Perimeters East of Helena High School
07/02/2024 ALINA 400s Vigilante Stadium
07/09/2024 Bruin Madness Northwest Park (CHS)
07/16/2024 The Michigan Vigilante Stadium
07/23/2024 East Side Folf Course Cabarnet & Saddle
07/30/2024 20-Under-40 Vigilante Stadium
08/06/2024 Inverted Pyramid Siebel Soccer Fields
08/13/2024 Augúst Trail Race Taper Vigilante Stadium
08/20/2024 Saber 600s Smith School Track
08/27/2024 Vig Scrimmage (1 Mile Time Trial) Vigilante Stadium
09/03/2024 Division Hills S. Rodney & Clancy
09/10/2024 Taine-fon-pre Vigilante Stadium
09/17/2024 Saints 880s Rails-to-Trails at N. Benton
09/24/2024 Track Pyramid Vigilante Stadium
10/01/2024 Broadwater / Tenmile Trails? TBA
10/08/2024 300 Relay (reverse) Vigilante Stadium
10/15/2024 Baarson Hills Baarson & Diehl
10/22/2024 Robinson Centipedes Robinson Park
10/29/2024 MT Cup Taper YMCA Parking Lot