Thursday Trail Run Schedule

The 2024 season of “Thursday Trails” commences March 21st. Trail runs start at 5:45 pm sharp. Hope to see you there!

Date Location Leader
3/21/24 McLane driveway/ Corner of Silverette & Flowerree – St. Patrick’s Day Run (potato bar and drinks afterwards!) Abby or Ryan McLane
3/28/2024 Scratchgravels (Echo Lane Trailhead) — 6:00 PM Erik Makus
4/4/2024 Tenmile Park (Montana Wild Parking Lot) Mitch Young
4/11/2024 Old Shooting Range Trailhead Steven or Heather Zimmerman
4/18/2024 Scratchgravels (Head Lane Trailhead) —  Abby or Ryan McLane
4/25/2024 Beattie Street Trailhead Erik Makus
5/2/2024 Dump Gulch/McKelvey Trailhead Mitch Young
5/9/2024 Waterline Trailhead — Don’t Fence Me In Taper Steven or Heather Zimmerman
5/16/2024 Tubbs Trailhead Em Theissen
5/23/2024 Old Shooting Range Trailhead (beer afterwards?) Cara Uribe
5/30/2024 HEAT Meet (no trail run)  
6/6/2024 Waterline Trailhead — Governor’s Cup Taper Em Thiessen
6/13/2024 DeFord Trailhead / Eagle Scout Trail Mitch Young
6/20/2024 Sparta Trailhead (Rodney Street) Steven or Heather Zimmerman
6/27/2024 Mount Helena Ridge Trail (Shuttle – Meet at the Mount Helena Trailhead) 5:30 PM Erik Makus
7/4/2024 Old Shooting Range Trailhead Mitch Young
7/11/2024 Tubbs Trailhead – 5:45 AM – SWITCH TO MORNINGS Em Theissen
7/18/2024 Dump Gulch / McKelvey Trailhead – 5:45 AM MORNING RUN) Abby or Ryan McLane
7/25/2024 Lime Kiln Trailhead – 5:45 AM MORNING RUN Erik Makus
8/1/2024 Old Shooting Range Trailhead – 5:45 AM MORNING RUN Steven or Heather Zimmerman
8/8/2024 Mount Helena Parking Lot Trailhead – 5:45 AM MORNING RUN Em Theissen
8/15/2024 LeGrande & Silvervette – 5:45 AM MORNING RUN (Bagels & Coffee) Abby or Ryan McLane
8/22/2024 Augúst Trail Race (no trail run)  
8/29/2024 Tubbs Trailhead 5:45 PM – BACK TO EVENINGS Cara Uribe
9/5/2024 McDonald Pass (Shuttle – meet at Tenmile Picnic Area) 5:30 PM Erik Makus
9/12/2024 DeFord Trailhead / Eagle Scout Trail EmTheissen
9/19/2024 Waterline Trailhead (Mount Helena Run Taper) Abby or Ryan McLane
9/26/2024 Old Shooting Range Trailhead Steven or Heather Zimmerman
10/3/2024 Silverette & LeGrande Mitch Young
10/10/2024 Arrow Root Trailhead Erik Makus
10/17/2024 Dump Gulch Trailhead / Wakina Sky Trails Abby or Ryan McLane
10/24/2024 Reeders Alley / Blackfoot (Last Workout drinks afterwards!) Em Theissen