Speaking of Running

Speaking of Running is a community lecture series on running-related topics. For information about upcoming events, or to suggest a speaker or topic, please contact HVR Board Member Joel Harris (406-670-3319 or bigskysailor@gmail.com).

Up Next!

• April 23 — Longtime Vigilante runner and local historian David Curd will recount the colorful history of Helena’s premier running event – the Governor’s Cup, as it celebrates its golden anniversary year! Join us at the Lewis & Clark Library Large Conference Room at 5:30 pm (mingling & refreshments) before the 6:00 pm talk.

History of Talks

• April 5 — University of Oregon phenom and sub-4:00 miler Mark Feig will share his memories of running with friend and teammate Steve Prefontaine, and his personal history and perspectives as an elite runner. Join us at the Lewis & Clark Library Large Conference Room at 5:30 pm (mingling & refreshments) before the 6:00 pm talk.

• March 24 — Local coach, ultra runner, and new father, John Fitzgerald will be giving a talk on the training and trials inherent in ultra running at the Lewis & Clark Library Large Conference room at 6pm on Friday, March 24th. Coach Fitzgerald has been working with hundreds of athletes from around the world since 2012 (see coachfitzgerald.com). His approach is rooted in curiosity about the world around us and what the human body is capable of. Having done nineteen 100-mile races (including a 9th place at last year’s Hard Rock 100), John is an incredible ultra runner in his own right (nordic skier and cyclist, too). We hope to see you there. 

• September 2 — Marc David, an Arizona-based author and longtime runner, will be giving a talk titled “Running for the Health of it.” Mr David, author of The Addicted Runner, will present on his journey of running every single day for almost 40 years, an impressive streak that he will complete (knock on wood) in early 2023. Through a mix of good fortune and taking good care of his body, Marc has been able to make it through this streak injury free. Along the way, he has met many inspiring individuals and has tallied a lot of lessons learned–much of which he chronicles in The Addicted Runner. You can check out Marc’s website at: http://www.theaddictedrunner.com

• June 26 — NCAA Division 1 All-American Nico Composto “Dealing with Depression as a College Runner”

• January 22 — “Jason Mohr and the Perfect Score” (Adams State 1992 XC Season)
• July 19 — Bill Schneider, “Fifty Years of Running in Helena”

• March 30 — Helena Elite Runner Heather Lieberg, “Balancing it All”
• May 18 — Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton, with Jason Deshaw opening
          (co-hosted by Free Ceramics and others, fundraiser for Girls Thrive)

• January 19 — Olympian Jeff Galloway, “The Run-Walk-Run Marathon Program”
          (co-hosted with Run Wild Missoula)
• March 21 — Mike Moore, “Backcountry Safety”
          (co-hosted with Helena Ultra Runners League)
• May 9 — Jeff Shirley, DPT and Dr. Buzz, “Running Injuries”

• March 12 — Dr. Buzz Walton, “Sports Performance and Nutrition”

• March 13 — Jeff Roush, ND, “Prolotherapy/Prolozone for Knee Issues”
• September 23 — Nikki Kimball, “Ultra-Runner & Depression Survivor”
          (co-hosted with NAMI-MT and Carroll College)

• March 7 — Dr. Matthew Fischer, “Minimalist Running”

• February 2 — Dr. Philip Steele, “Hip and Back Injuries in Runners”
• March 29 — Dr. Kammeran Gersbach, “Hamstrings, Plantar & ART”
• May 9 — Brad Lamson of Hammer Nutrition, “Nutrition & Fueling”

2011 (“Speaking of Running” lecture series officially launched)
• January 20 — Dr. Philip Steele, “Injury Prevention and Recovery”
• February 17 — Dr. Nick Soloway, “Trigger Point Massage”
• March 24 — Pat Bollinger, “Lifestyle Eating and Performance”
• May 12 — Nancy Wong, “Chi Running”

• September 10-12 — Trail Running Clinic hosted by Marta Fisher

• May 31 — Aubrey Curtis & Matthew Parks, “Running Technique Clinic”