Helena Novas cross country and track and field accepts athletes ages 7-18. The athlete will participate in the age group determined by the athlete’s age as of 12/31 of the current year at USATF Junior Olympic events. Other meets will possibly have different age divisions.

Age Division

Year of Birth

7 – 8


9 – 10


11 – 12


13 – 14


15 – 16


17 – 18


Track Events

  • 100 Meter
  • 200 Meter
  • 400 Meter
  • 1500 Meter
  • 3000 Meter (9 and older)
  • 2000 Meter Steeple Chase (11 and older)
  • Hurdles (11 and older, distances vary between 80 and 400 meters)
  • 4X100 Relay
  • 4×400 Relay

 Field Events

  • Long Jump
  • Triple Jump (13 and older)
  • High Jump (9 and older)
  • Mini- Javelin (10 and younger)
  • Aero-javelin, Finn Flyer (11-12)
  • Javelin (13 and older)
  • Shot Put

* Steeplechase may not be contested at most meets.

  • Coaching at up to 3 practice sessions per week during season
  • State Junior Olympic Meet Registration
  • Regional Junior Olympic Meet Registration
  • National Junior Olympic Meet Registration (qualification required)
  • Use of Vigilante Stadium track during designated practice times
  • Season-long use of a team singlet/jersey
  • Team Spirit Item

All coaches are registered USATF coaches. They are required to have a background check completed through USATF and complete the SafeSport course. Some have completed coaches training through USATF or through the National Federation of High Schools, and some have also attended other coaching clinics. You can learn more about our coaches here.

If the Helena Novas host a track meet or XC meet, we will need parent volunteers to take shifts to support events/races. The more volunteers available will ensure that the meet remains on time and runs smoothly.

Most communication is handled using BAND, and after registering, parents and athletes will be sent an invite to join the season group.

Emails can also be send to novasxctf@gmail.com.

  • All participants will be required to obtain an annual USATF membership ($31.80) by visiting www.usatf.org.
  • The athletes/parents are responsible for transportation to and from competitions.
  • The athletes/parents are responsible for the cost of food during trips and meets.
  • Athletes are strongly encouraged to purchase a pair of dark navy blue shorts they are comfortable competing in.
  • Additional club apparel will be sold through our club store, which will open in early fall and early winter, however purchases are optional. 
  • A good pair of running shoes should be purchased for the athlete. Spikes are advised for athletes 11 and older. If you have questions about shoes, please talk to a coach or email novasxctf@gmail.com.

Your child will need to have a pair of athletic running shoes for practice and meets. Appropriate running attire should include; warm ups/sweats, running shorts, long and short sleeve shirts. Running spikes are optional, but strongly encouraged for athletes 11 and older. You can find most of these items at any of the sports stores in Helena, but we strongly recommend purchasing shoes where they have a knowledgeable staff, such as Universal Athletic, Runner’s Edge (Missoula), Bozeman Running Company (Bozeman). Please feel free to ask a coach if you have any questions about shoes or spikes, or simply email novasxctf@gmail.com.

It is required that all athletes bring water and/or sports drinks to practices and meets.

Tip: Put your child’s name on everything they bring to the track.

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