Vig Scrimmage

Vig Group 7 - 5/24/11
Vig Group 7 – 5/24/11

The Vig Scrimmage is a team time trial which takes place once or twice a year (usually late May and/or late August) at Vigilante Stadium. It divides the Tuesday-at-Noon track group into two teams (using various, creative criteria), which battle for bragging rights in a 1 mile run. Scoring is similar to a cross-country race, where the places of the participants are added together for a team score (low-score wins). In a traditional cross-country race (such as the Montana Cup), the top-five finishers for each team are scored. In this event, runners are scored as deeply as possible.

History:  This workout was run on the following dates (winning team is bolded):
5/27/08 — Vig Scrimmage I, PRIVATE vs. PUBLIC
8/26/08 — Vig Scrimmage II, PRIVATE vs. PUBLIC
5/26/09 — Vig Scrimmage III, BENGALS vs. BRUINS
8/25/09 — Vig Scrimmage IV, MATH GEEKS vs. POETS
5/25/10 — Vig Scrimmage V, ANIMAL KINGDOM vs. HUMANOID / OTHER
8/24/10 — Vig Scrimmage VI, INNIES vs. OUTIES
5/24/11 — Vig Scrimmage VII, ODD DUCKS vs. EVEN DUCKS
8/23/11 — Vig Scrimmage VIII, PUBLIC vs. PRIVATE
5/08/12 — Vig Scrimmage IX, CONVERGERS vs. DIVERGERS
8/21/12 — Vig Scrimmage X, CHAOS MUPPETS vs. ORDER MUPPETS
5/28/13 — Vig Scrimmage XI, CYPPEES vs. MASTERS
8/13/13 — Vig Scrimmage XII, BLUE HATS vs. WHITE HATS
5/27/14 — Vig Scrimmage XIII, AMBERS vs. STOUT-NEITHERS
5/31/16 — Vig Scrimmage XIV, APPLES vs. ORANGES
5/30/17 — Vig Scrimmage XV, ODDS vs. EVENS
7/10/18 — Vig Scrimmage XVI, CATS vs. GRIZ
8/27/19 — Vig Scrimmage XVII, PRIVATE vs. PUBLIC
9/1/20 — Vig Scrimmage XVIII, Individual Results Only
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