Thursday Trail Run Schedule

Thursday trail runs begin at 5:45 pm. Hope to see you there! For more information, contact Beau Downing:

Out of an abundance of caution, we’ve decided to hold off on the 2020 season of Tuesday-at-Noon and Thursday-at-5:45 trail workouts until coronavirus concerns have abated. While this was a difficult decision, with a robust discussion among the HVR board members, ultimately we were swayed by the following points:

  • our mission: “to promote health, fitness, and community through group training runs, races, and social events in the greater Helena area, and to educate the public about the health benefits of running” (emphasis added)
  • that our workouts tend to involve proximities much closer than the recommended 6 feet of social distancing
  • that people can transmit the disease long before they themselves exhibit any symptoms
  • that HVR members of all ages should feel comfortable and welcome to attend any and all of our workouts and events

As some of our board members noted, exercise remains a key ingredient in maintaining healthy bodies and immune systems, so we would absolutely encourage folks to continue to run — but to do so in a safer environment than the group workouts, for the time being. Thank you for your understanding. With any luck, things will be back to normal in a reasonably short timeframe.




03/19/2020 TBA Ten Mile Creek Park
03/26/2020 TBA Beattie Street Trailhead
04/02/2020 TBA Old Shooting Range Trailhead
04/09/2020 TBA Beattie Street Trailhead
04/16/2020 TBA Mount Helena Parking Lot
04/23/2020 TBA Beattie Street Trailhead
04/30/2020 TBA Dump Gulch Trailhead
05/07/2020 TBA DeFord Trailhead
05/14/2020 TBA Beattie Street Trailhead
05/21/2020 TBA Old Shooting Range Trailhead
05/28/2020 TBA Mount Helena Parking Lot
06/04/2020 TBA Dump Gulch Trailhead
06/11/2020 TBA Waterline Trailhead
06/18/2020 TBA Beattie Street Trailhead
06/25/2020 TBA Old Shooting Range Trailhead
07/02/2020 TBA Mount Helena Parking Lot
07/09/2020 TBA Dump Gulch Trailhead
07/16/2020 TBA Beattie Street Trailhead
07/23/2020 TBA Old Shooting Range Trailhead
07/30/2020 TBA Mount Helena Parking Lot
08/06/2020 TBA Dump Gulch Trailhead
08/13/2020 TBA Beattie Street Trailhead
08/20/2020 Augúst Trail Race (5k) Spring Meadow Resources
08/27/2020 TBA Old Shooting Range Trailhead
09/03/2020 Mount Helena Preview (4 mi.) Mount Helena Parking Lot
09/10/2020 TBA Dump Gulch Trailhead
09/17/2020 Mount Helena Taper (mellow & flatish, ≤ 4 mi.) Waterline Trailhead
09/24/2020 TBA Beattie Street Trailhead
10/01/2020 TBA Old Shooting Range Trailhead
10/08/2020 TBA Mount Helena Parking Lot
10/15/2020 TBA Dump Gulch Trailhead
10/22/2020 TBA Beattie Street Trailhead
10/29/2020 Costume & Beer Run Blackfoot Brewery