Thursday Trail Run Schedule

Thursday trail runs begin at 5:45 pm. Hope to see you there!

For more information, contact Beau Downing:




08/29/2019 Aftershock – Entertainment – Archery Range Beattie Street Trailhead
09/05/2019 Dry Gulch – Top of the World – Waterline Old Shooting Range Trailhead
09/12/2019 Mount Helena Run Preview Mount Helena Parking Lot
09/19/2019 Mellow Waterline O&B 4 Miler, Mt Helena taper Dump Gulch Trailhead
09/26/2019 TBA Waterline Trailhead
10/03/2019 TBA Beattie Street Trailhead
10/10/2019 TBA Old Shooting Range Trailhead
10/17/2019 TBA Mount Helena Parking Lot
10/24/2019 TBA Dump Gulch Trailhead