Thursday Trail Run Schedule

Thursday trail runs begin at 5:45 pm.  Hope to see you there!

For more information, contact Beau Downing:



Meeting Location

08/23/2018 Aftershock Trail Shooting Range Trailhead
08/30/2018 Mount Helena Summit Base of Reeder’s Alley
09/06/2018 Archery Range Trail Shooting Range Trailhead
09/13/2018 Rocky Road Loop Beattie Street Trailhead
09/20/2018 Waterline Trail Base of Reeder’s Alley
09/27/2018 Waterline / Don’t Fence Me In Loop Shooting Range Trailhead
10/04/2018 Rocky Road (Reverse) Beattie Street Trailhead
10/11/2018 Ambrose to Prairie Mount Helena Parking Lot
10/18/2018 Big Bird Scratchgravel Loop Head Lane Trailhead
10/25/2018 “Taproom Taper” (Contour / Dump-Out) Blackfoot Brewery